Hi. I'm Jamaal Brown.

A full-stack software engineer. Look around the site to see my work. Stay to see what we can build together.

I need a website I need a developer

A website as a tool, not a barrier

Website issues shouldn’t be a barrier to getting your product or service in people’s hands. These days notoriety is gained online and having a website is becoming a necessity. Furthermore, having a website that is accessible on phones is crucial as we become a smartphone society.

My goal is to provide an opportunity to increase one’s online presence. Whether through creating a website from scratch or enhancing an existing website to make it accessible and responsive on different devices. Let’s turn your website into a tool for connecting people to the service or product you provide.

My Work

Here are a few of things I've been working on recently. Feel free to check out each project

A screenshot of Comfy Cafe sample site

Comfy Cafe

A responsive coffee shop site that extends a warm welcome

Find My Brewery

An application that allows the user to see breweries and their information from the selected state and city

Word of Mouth

Full-stack app in which users can post reviews and share them with close-knit communities like families, friends, or coworkers

My Skills

Front-end technologies

HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, JavaScript, React

Backend technologies

OracleSQL, Node.js, Express, EJS, MongoDB

Other competencies

Github, Remote Work, Pair Programming, OOP, Algorithms, Data Structures

My Story

I'm an electrical engineer that has rediscovered my passion for tech and software. After taking some online programming courses I found myself excited to sit down and figure out a software solution to a problem. Today, I am a part of the 100Devs Agency where I continue to hone my software engineering skills. My fascination for technology and how it helps us improve is what drives me.

When I'm not coding, you can find me cooking, enjoying the outdoors, or enjoying movies, games, and tv with friends and family. I'm also a coffee and tea enthusiast! Enjoying a cup of specialty coffee or tea while getting some work done or relaxing on a lazy Sunday is my favorite way of doing things.

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